Honey Harvest

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Removing the honey from the frames

Honey harvest September 5th. FlashMob gave us about 22 pounds of honey, The Others gave us about 3 pounds.

The Darker honey in some of the cells in this photo tasted like blackberries.

Anita and Garrett harvesting honey

We used the crush and strain method for extracting the honey. Messy delicious fun! My kitchen was sticky. I also ended up with about a pound of beeswax. Gavin made biscuits and corn bread a few times over the next week. Can’t wait till next year!

FlashMob‘s honey was much lighter in color than The Others‘ honey.

Fall feeding and treatments for Nosema and Mites are done. The colonies look healthy headed into winter. Lots of dead drones outside FlashMob‘s entrance last week. The workers boot them out before winter.

Crush and strain method of honey extraction

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