Cherry Varieties for Western Washington

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Two years ago I planted two dwarf cherry trees. They are both varieties that are recommended for Western Washington. The are both doing very well. Glacier Cherries - Cherry Varieties for Western Washington

The ‘Glacier’ tree is loaded. The ‘Kristen’ tree is also producing well for a 2nd year tree.

3 years ago I planted a ‘Lapins’ cherry which is producing lightly this year. It is a full size tree, which scares me a bit. They get very large. But the ‘Lapins’ seems to be working for this area too. None of the varieties have been bothered by birds, only a few cherries have splits, and they are all delicious! If I had to pick a favorite at this point it would be ‘Glacier’ since it is producing the best and the cherries are large and the tree is lush.

Kristin Cherries - Cherry Varieties for Western Washington

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