Lots of Dead Bees

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Beehives in january snow

January 1st. I noticed large pile of new dead bees a few times this winter, both when it’s been very cold. These photos were taken after a fairly cold few days and I noticed how many new dead bees there were within a few days because they were all on top of the fresh snow. How many dead bees are normal? Today I cleaned up the accumulated pile in front of ‘FlashMob’ and it was more than an inch thick in the center. I can still hear buzzing in both hives when I hold my ear up to the side. When I slide out the removable bottom board on The Others there are fresh wax bits across all the frames. On FlashMob the fresh wax bits are clustered to one side. Can’t wait to open up the hives!

Lots of dead bees in the snow in front of the hiveThere is also a lot of mold in FlashMob and a little mold in The Others. I tilted the hives forward a little today, since I saw just a little water on the bottom board when I pulled it out. Around November I noticed a lot of condensation in both hives, on the inner covers and outer covers. Then the mold an mildew started. FlashMob was the worst so I raised the cover just slightly to give them a little more ventilation. Not sure if anything else should/could be done about that but the condensation stopped when the weather got colder, so I put the top cover back down tight so the hive would stay warmer.

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